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In the early days of World War II, Britain and France found themselves in a very precarious situation.  The United States was still in its isolationist position of non-involvement.  Hitler’s war machine had pushed across France, and had trapped over 300,000 British and French soldiers on the beaches of Dunkirk.  The British and French navies rallied to save the men who faced certain capture or death.  Because of the shallow waters, the ships were unable to approach the beaches.  Soldiers had to wade out to the warships, many of them spending hours shoulder-deep in water.

The British Ministry of Shipping sent out an urgent call to boat builders and owners.  Pleasure boats, private yachts, launches, ferries, and the like were asked to join the effort. The need was great and the English people responded in every way possible.  Boat owners volunteered their crafts and piloted them into harms way, packing the rescued soldiers into their boats like sardines.  Fuel was purchased by civilians or donated by suppliers for the effort.  Women manned the docks to provide food and blankets as the men arrived.  700 of these “Little Ships” and 220 warships worked tirelessly to rescue 192,226 British and 139,000 French soldiers.  200 of the rescue flotilla were sunk in the effort. 

Today, our nation and world are in another precarious situation.  The percentage of the world’s population who are part of God’s redeemed Kingdom is shrinking.  Kingdom efforts of all kinds, churches of all sizes and flavors are needed to address the situation.  New church starts, from cowboy churches to emergent churches, simple churches to house churches, churches that meet in the work-place, the apartment, or someone else’s facility; those who worship in Spanish, Vietnamese, English or African dialects; all join with established churches to reach a dying world with the life-saving Gospel of Christ.

We need your help in starting new churches.  God has equipped and talented you to invest in His kingdom.  Is God calling you to start a new church or to serve in a core group of a new start?  Will you commit to pray for new church starts?  Is God calling you to lead your church to sponsor a new start or could you donate to support a start?  Over the years we have seen people invest in God’s Kingdom by providing a new van, a video projector, lap top computer, or monthly financial support, to help a new church get started.  Established churches, the association, and state conventions are our primary source for new start support, but every month God calls Bible Study classes, Men’s or Women’s Ministries, Christian businesses, estates, families, and individuals to invest in new church starts as well.

Don’t take an “Isolationist” stand as you watch the world hurting for the love and salvation of Jesus.  Get into the battle with every means at your disposal.  When God says "Who shall I send and who will go for us?" say, "Here am I Lord, send me". - Isaiah 6:8

“But thanks be to God!  He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”
– 1 Corinthians 15:57

churches of all sizes and flavors are needed
Get into the battle with every means at your disposal
"Here am I Lord, send me"
Isaiah 6:8
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